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Compare gas prices - a business health check

As someone in business and commercially-focused, you will naturally be determined to secure the right possible price point from your suppliers, in order to bring your own costs down and make your own business cost effective to your own customer base. In a real sense, these days it's easier  to compare gas prices for business than it was in the monopolised market of twenty years ago.

However, although that practice extends back down the supply chain, in terms of the actual infrastructure and operation of the business itself, organisations seem less focused on other possible ways they could reduce costs. Ofgem is the energy industry regulator and they point out that the majority of energy customers never look through the portfolio of energy providers in order to secure the right deal for their business.  As a consequence, over £3 billion is lost annually through customers, both business and domestic, failing to secure the right deal.  It’s like insulating your house and then leaving all the windows open. However, when you consider your gas supply is merely another business cost - along with the materials and manpower you may source and employ in the operation of your business - it may perhaps come more sharply into view as an area where savings can be made.  Just as you may periodically review your suppliers for materials, the same holds true for your gas supply.  And prices can vary dramatically. We live in a difficult commercial environment, and it is businesses that take a holistic, 360 view of their operations, and make the savings wherever possible, that will leave themselves in the right possible shape to ride out this recession.  And if savings are ultimately passed on to the customer, that will also keep their business even more competitive, moving forwards. Alongside this, we also live in an age of rising energy prices.  So if your company uses gas as an energy supply, it makes more and more sense to compare gas prices for business.  And if time is also a factor, and your own is precious, use a broker such as Utility Helpline to search the market for you, compare business gas prices, and make sure your business is on the right possible terms and in the right possible shape, as we lift back out of this recession and towards sustained growth. Save

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