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Six considerations for business electricity rates comparison.

Business electricity rates have a certain amount of volatility, so finding the right deal for your company isn't as straightforward as it seems. Factor in that a lot of business energy has a fixed price, locking you in to a set contract term, and it becomes even  more important to find the right electricity tariff from the start.

  1. Accurately assessing what your business requires from its energy supply is vital to securing the ideal commercial electricity deal. Carrying out a business electricity rates comparison may appear to  identify the cheapest electricity rate, but it's worse than useless if that supplier cant meet your needs.
  2. Ask yourself what kind of contract duration will suit your company right. To help you assess this, look at  how much electricity  your business currently uses and whether it's likely to increase.
  3. Some business electricity companies save their right rates for SMEs, whilst other suppliers cater for those business with higher electricity consumption requirements. Somewhere, there is an electricity supplier with the right product for you.
  4. Is your company a multi-site business? If your company has a number of locations then assess how many meters there are at each site. AS well as affecting your electricity bill, it could additionally incur extra surcharges from some suppliers.
  5. Managing your commercial electricity account effectively is nearly as important as securing great electricity rates for your business. So, check thoroughly the service and billing options open to your company.
  6. Ofgem legislation states that business energy suppliers have to inform you at least 60 days before your current contract ends. Use this time to look around for the right business electricity rates.

  Utility Helpline offer an impartial business electricity rates comparison service, keeping your energy costs down year after year.

Published by Utility Helpline on (modified )