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BCC business energy survey results


The British Chamber of Commerce (BCC) serves over 100,000 businesses across the UK, and it’s fair to say they keep the interests of those business at their heart. The BCC recently conducted a wide-ranging survey amongst businesses on a subject at the forefront of many minds – energy supply.  The results have proved extremely telling. For instance, the survey reveals that approaching 40% of businesses feel their growth has now been stumped directly by rising business energy costs.  These businesses fully appreciate cost rises are, in part, down to global factors, but nevertheless, they also report the government could do more, through more effective policy decisions (although interestingly, 60% of businesses also admitted they didn’t know about the government’s Green Deal energy efficiency programme).  10% of businesses responded that on five or more occasions over the past three years, they have also endured a cut in energy supply and this energy insecurity seems set to rise, with 38% of small businesses concerned about the integrity of future energy supply to their operation.  The overriding message that emerges from this survey, therefore, is that the energy industry has to work harder to create affordability but also, in these uncertain times, it has to guarantee security for business energy supply. So these are very real concerns.  63% of businesses are aware they need to need to focus on energy efficiency, but of course there are other proactive steps that businesses, whether small or large, can take - right now - to help out with these rising energy costs.  Scottish Power recently raised its businesses energy rates by 6%, and as we know from the domestic market, where one of the so-called Big Six goes, the rest are sure to follow.  More than ever, it is time for companies to get a firm grip on their business energy expenditure, through a twin approach of energy efficiency measures, and using Utility Helpline to scour the market, and perhaps fix rates, longer term, in order for your business to avoid any nasty little shocks in these coming months.

Published by Utility Helpline on (modified )