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Business electricity rates comparison complicated by baffling price structures.

The 21st Century makes great demands on us all.  These days, we seem to have less time in which we are asked to do more than ever.  Similarly, once-upon-a-time our choices of energy supply for our business was fairly standard – principally one choice, in fact.  However deregulation has lead to competition between the various suppliers, who themselves offer a range of business electricity rates and deals for comparison, containing endless shifting variables.  If we don’t like the deal we are on, we are told we can simply “switch”… but how, and to whom?  It’s like the check-out queue in the supermarket… the one next to you always looks to be moving faster but do you jump, only to find the one you were in is now moving ever more swiftly?

Business electricity rates comparison

The range of energy deals on offer sometimes reads like the most complex of Krypton Factor puzzles and conducting a business electricity rates comparison can be time consuming and tricky.  Consumer bible Which? recently conducted a consumer survey of 1000 people, to see  how many could pick the right deal from a choice of six electricity tariffs.  60% got the answer wrong and 32% said they just didn't know.  Only a staggering 8% managed to choose the right one.  The results, at least, are crystal clear. Richard Lloyd, Executive Director of Which? commented “many consumers are struggling with ever-increasing energy bills and people tell us it is one of their biggest financial worries.  With so few people able to identify the cheapest deal it’s no surprise that the majority are paying over the odds for their gas and electricity.” The natural conclusion, of course, is that energy companies should simplify their pricing structure.  But until that happens, and in a world where time is one thing that certainly is in short supply, we can’t afford to wait. It's a time consuming task to conduct a thorough business gas or business electricity rates comparison. It is therefore for companies like Utility Helpline to do the leg work, to continually research the market, to understand the deals that are available and the best prices out there, in order to take that rather arduous task from your shoulders.  And that leaves you free to focus on the more integral aspects of running your business. The business energy market is, in effect, a whole new language.  The wise money, therefore, is on employing a good translator, thereby making sure you are in that 8% who knows the right deal for you. If you're currently carrying out a business electricity rates comparison, why not ask us for a quote? Click here for a quick price.

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