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How would an Energy Efficiency Audit help a small business?

Energy Brokers as part of their service to help reduce costs, can offer a small business version of a full energy audit that are specifically tailored to the needs of small & medium size premises. This will provide  businesses with the information that is needed to address energy usage, reducing consumption and therefore costs. Audits can now be offered to suit all business budgets and can have a significant impact on helping lower business energy costs. Energy Efficiency Audits would include a initial brief meeting to help understand your business in relation to its energy usage. This will included reviewing working hours, equipment on the premises, working practices as well as a review of your current energy billing.  The energy audit may also include a walk around audit of your premises with your nominated management representative. This will entail looking at your premises in detail, understanding where your main sources of energy usage are and making recommendations on how to reduce energy consumption. Once the audit has been completed a verbal or written report would be offered with a full description of what can be done, how, with what products, at what approximate cost and the level of savings that can be achieved. We have found that the energy efficiency audit is often the first step for most business to creating a working energy purchasing policy.  The policy would include, contract management (contract renewal process), when to contract, how to achieve the best possible energy prices, light bulb replacement or lighting controls and much much more. Please contact one of our energy advisors on 01432 378690 for advice on energy efficiency or contact us  

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