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Using technology to make your office more eco-friendly

Everyone’s thinking green these days… not only because we want to be kind to the planet, but because there are real eco-nomic benefits to being eco-friendly.  Here at Utility Helpline, we’ve assembled ten simple ideas of how to use technology to make these savings:

Encourage greener commuting

The first idea starts before you’ve even started up the office for the day.  What about the ways in which your employees get themselves to the workplace?  You may possibly have seen the Peter Kay series ‘Car Share’ – a comedic vehicle (quite literally) but one that details the increasingly common experience of a shared commute – good for the environment, and employee friendships, which can really benefit businesses.  Why not go one further and install a bike rack and encourage staff to cycle to work… anything to reduce the number of cars on the road.

Sleep mode

Not to do with employees themselves, of course, but more the computers they use in the office.  Enable power-saving options on desktop PCs, and even smartphones, to reduce power consumption and the resulting drain on business bank accounts.

Paperless companies

More and more common is the push for the paperless office. A 100% digital office is available now, with everything logged on cloud storage and electronic mail. Without A4 reams of paper constantly whirring out of the office printers, there is a real cost saving to going paperless as well as the reputational benefits that come from being zero-waste.

Recycle old gadgets

Most people have a drawer full of old phones and gadgets, and PC speakers you promised yourself you would fix.  You won’t.  Much better for cerebral feng shui and the general joy of decluttering is to clear out the draw and donate the electronics to a local charity.


You can involve the whole workforce in this one.  Electronics on standby are still draining power, even though PCs, for instance, might be powered down.  So encourage your employees to both power down AND unplug before they leave for the day, to eradicate the spectre of ‘phantom power’.

Motion-sensor light switches

Why have lights on when no-one is about that needs their illumination?  Motion-sensor lights will turn themselves off after a set period of time, so lesser used rooms are not lit up like a town square at Christmas… when no one is actually around.

Keep the blinds open

A really simple one but for some reason companies often like keeping the blinds down, and all the lights on, during the 9-5 day.  Instead, turn off the lights and open the blinds and… hey presto, natural (always better) light that comes free of charge from that great lightbulb in the sky.

Reusable bottles

We have seen coffee shops now selling reusable cups, as part of a general push to reduce plastic waste.  Another way of incentivising staff is to encourage them to bring their own reusable water bottles, and coffee cups, to reduce rubbish.

LED lighting

A simple case of replacing the bulbs around your premises with LED equivalents.  They are a little more expensive but last three times as long, while using three quarters less energy.  So, less expense on bulbs, and less time tottering about on office chairs trying to replace them!

Brighten up the place with plants

Office plants make the place look much more appealing but beyond aesthetics, they also have very real benefits, including the way they pump out oxygen and help with the carbon emissions of the office. So, ten useful and fun ways you can incentivise the workforce to help make your business more energy efficient, saving money while also doing your bit to save the environment. If you want to learn how you can reduce your energy bills even further by changing suppliers, speak to a member of the Utility Helpline team today. Call: 0800 043 0423.  

Published by Utility Helpline on (modified )