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Utility Helpline celebrates ten years of top quality service

In 2016 Utility Helpline celebrated ten years in business. The Hereford-based energy broker was founded to serve a corner of the SME market being snubbed by the bigger providers. And a decade of good client retention and low rates of staff turnover stand as testament to the company’s commitment to high quality service. Managing Director Richard Bonelle started Utility Helpline from a room in London before moving back to his native Hereford. Previously, Richard had worked for some of the biggest suppliers in the City, including Total Gas and Power and Corona Energy. During that time, Richard saw some of the smaller companies being consistently undermined and overlooked, as sales agents chased after the largest energy users. Looking back through old sales records, he realised that many of the clients he helped in his first few weeks are still repeat clients today. “I looked back through the old sales logs the other day and all of the clients signed in the first few weeks are still on our books today, and they are still working with the same account managers. “The longest serving member of staff has been here for nine years and most of the other staff has been with us for five years plus. And that has helped create some real personal relationships between our clients and brokers. That is the key to our success so far I think.” Utility Helpline was started as a division of Sidney Phillips pub and licensed property sales and for that reason the company has deep links with the publican and licensed industry. This is another sector of the market that Richard and his team are proud to serve. “Pubs usually get a bum deal when it comes to energy,” he said. He continued: “Properties are usually old and expensive to run anyway. But then on top of that, a lot of pubs get stuck in these deals that get more and more expensive. Most publicans are very busy people so it’s great when we can take the hassle out of finding the best energy deal for them.” Utility Helpline has had a successful decade in business, but the company is determined to not rest on its laurels. The team is growing again, with Utility Helpline eager to recruit two new sales staff. The company is also launching into the domestic energy market, after years of sustained demand from their commercial clients to help out with home bills as well. Richard and the team would like to thank everybody who helped make the last ten years so special, and they look forward to what the next decade holds.

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