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Utility Helpline round up of the year

2015 was another fantastic year for us at Utility helpline and we would like to say a special thank you to all those who helped make it extra special. Here are a few highlights from our year and a little glimpse into what you can expect from Utility Helpline in 2016. 

Fiona Howe wins sales professional of the year award

Utility Helpline’s own Business Development Manager, Fiona Howe, was crowned ‘Sales Professional of the Year’ at The Energy Live Consultancy Awards (TELCA) in the summer of 2015. Having been nominated by a group of her customers, Fiona overcame tough competition from some of the biggest consultancies in the country to win this national award. Utility Helpline have narrowly missed out on several awards in the past so we all celebrated well into the night when Fiona won this one. 

Utility Helpline maintains its 100% customer service record on Feefo

Customer service is incredibly important to everyone at Utility Helpline which is why we are so proud of our 100% service rating on feedback engine Feefo. So far, every client has given us an ‘excellent’ review and we have even displayed our results on our website because we are so proud of them. We have even been the subject of a write up in the Feefo blog.

Continued support for Hereford Rugby Club

Utility Helpline has been the main sponsor of the local Hereford Ruby Club for about five years now. After finishing as runners up in the 2014/15 season we all had high hopes for this year. Having got off to a mixed start in the current campaign, the team now looks set to mount a fightback going into 2016. Watch this space. Utility Helpline’s Energy Manager Richard Bonelle is one of the clubs most active supporters and has this year taken on a new coaching role, teaching Hereford Under 8s the rugby ropes.

Published the smart metering guide to help customers get efficient

As part of our commitment to helping customers get energy efficient, we published a guide to using technology to reducing consumption and moderating bills. The guide is packed with tons of practical advice for monitoring energy usage, identifying areas of waste and acting on any insights.

Utility Helpline set to expand in 2016

We have lots of exciting plans for 2016 that we can’t wait to turn them into a reality.

New water product

With a deregulated water market coming to England in 2017, businesses should be planning for their water futures. We are in the process of developing a water product and will be releasing details towards the end of 2016.

New customer services team

We will also be expanding our staff in 2016 and bringing in a team of customer service agents to supplement the work of our accounts team. This new team will allow us to maintain the highest quality of service to all our customers while we expand.

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